Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Race to the finish... Leg 12

[In slightly delayed form, I'm starting today's race at 9:47pm, but fortunately I'll be able to fast forward through commercials... the question is how close to 11:00 will I finish watching the race?]

First an extended recap of the first 10 legs of the race! Of course, avid readers of this blog (including myself) will already remember all of this. :)

Eastern Montana, in the middle of nowhere. Flying to Montreal, Canada... they have tickets, but the *can* try to find a faster flight. Interesting concept that we haven't seen before. At least the final 3 teams are going to fly somewhere again.

The Bransen, Linz, and Weavers are all off to Billings Logan Int'l Airport. Bransen family has made a faster connection in Minneapolis that will arrive 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled one. All three teams are on the same flight to Minneapolis though. So far so good. Bransen... covertly gets their new boarding passes. Linz and Weavers are fighting their way to the ticket counter in Toronto, but I'm not sure why. I must have missed something... or that's just bad editing. :) Oh... so Weavers and Linz are on a 3pm flight that managed to make it an hour earlier than scheduled. Now the Bransen have gone from first to last.

The Weavers are in a taxi with a driver who claims "they call me Ted". He has that look of "just get these freaks out of my cab". And into the underground city, where the Weavers have no problem following the instructions to find the clue box... the Linz family has a bit of trouble, but got it figured out.

DETOUR: Slide it or roll it! Slide it: McGill Arena and go curling. Each team member needs to get a rock into the house.

Roll it... roll some logs and stuff... so lame that I won't even mention it... they should all do the curling. :)

Both the Weavers and Linz family have decided to go curling, but the hard part is finding the arena. And the Weavers are there... here it comes... and it's short of the house... but it's past the hog line so they're forced to leave it there... this is going to be come a problem! Muahahahah! The Weavers have their first rock in the house and the Linz haven't even arrived. The Bransen family decided to do the log rolling.

The Weavers are done and in the lead, heading to the American Pavillion from Expo '67.

"I love this game! I'm moving to Canada!" If that isn't a glowing endorsement of curling, I don't know what is! The Linz family I think are future curlers. :)

Find "La Porte J"... which is French for "Door J"... but will they figure that out? Oh, I don't even want to know what they're going to come up with for that.

Roadblock! Time for some acrobatics... must do some catch on the flying trapeeze. Weaver boy did it like a professional... no worries at all. Linz followed and he had a little more trouble, so much so that the Bransen family managed to catch them at the roadblock. Bad news for the Linz, but good news for the Bransens.

Now to the Olympic stadium in Montreal and find the arena on a golf cart. What's up with golf carts, honestly?

The Weavers have to find a place in the stadium where they can drive their golfcart inside, but are having immense trouble doing so. Losing a lot of ground here now... I suspect things are going to even out a bit now. And all three teams are on their golf carts now trying to find it. They're at the 50 yard line and now have to find a charter flight departure time somewhere in the stadium seats. This is starting to sound remarkably familiar to my fake episode of the race... maybe I'm psychic.

Wow, this is a challenge and a half. One was found... 5:50am departure to a "Mystery Destination" for the Linz family. 5:45am departure for the Bransen family. And the Weavers are falling asleep on the search. One rule of course is that all members of your team must search together. Weavers finally find it... 5:55am. But where is everyone going?! Where is the mystery final destination?

Toronto, Canada! Right where I predicted from the previews of the last episode. Take the elevator to the top of the CN Tower, tallest structure in the world. Use binoculars to find the location of your next clue. This is a complete rip off of AR7 (or was it AR6?) where they were at the top of the ferris wheel (in London?) and had to find the marked clues.

Adam the elevator operator at the CN Tower: "How long have you been at your job, Adam?" "Three years." "Do you enjoy it?" "It has it ups and downs." ba-dum-bum.

The Bransen and Linz both are in the elevator down together... Weavers take a bit longer, but are close on their heels. Now comes the hard part, trying to figure out from the ground where it was that you were looking at from above.

DETOUR: Ship, or shoe. Ship... sail across Toronto harbor to the boat and pick up a nautical flag. Shoe... find the Bata shoe museum... choose a pair of shoes, then find one of 100 women who the shoe actually fits and matches. Crazy challenge unless you're very lucky.

Linz and Weaver both are taking the Ship detour. Bransen are going for the Shoe detour. Linz family have no trouble at all... and they're off 81 miles to Queenston on the Canadian side of the Niagra gorge. Take a boat out and find their next clue on a buoy.

We're getting down to the wire... "That mom's a wacko... she really is." One guess who that's referring to. ;-)

Wow, it's a little wet plowing a big jetboat through rapids in the Niagra. Looks like fun though. Take the boat down to Lewiston, NY, the final destination in the Amazing Race 8. GO GO GO!

Well, barring any unusual surprises, the Weavers are out of the race to the finish... it's going to come down to the Linz and the Bransens in a race to the finish. But a

Roadblock... complete a jigsaw puzzle map of central and north america, then make it to the finish line. The first to finish is going to win the race... what a challenge! Mental over physical to win the race... the excitement builds!

Linz seems to be finished... they're off... the finish line is there... run run run run....

"25 days, 50 cities, and more than 600 consecutive hours together as a family... Linz family you are the official winners of the Amazing Race! Congratulations, you have won $1 Million Dollars!"

"Bransen Family... congratulations, you're the second team in the Amazing Race."

"Weaver Family... you're team number three."

Was I right, from the beginning when knew nothing about the teams, I picked the Linz family as the one team I thought would win... though I admit it's nothing more than a lucky guess... but I'll take it anyway. What do I win? Absolutely nothing, of course... but hey, the satisfaction of knowing I guessed right is good enough. And what other satisfaction? The satisfaction that I don't have to write this silly useless blog that nobody reads every week for a while isn't bad either. I think next season I may need to add some twists to make it more interesting. But that's next time, in February on AR9. But until February... that's all folks.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To Big Sky Country... Leg 10 1/2

... when we previously left the race, half the teams had realized that they weren't done...

"Godlewski Family, you're the last team to arrive. However this leg is not over, and you're still in the race."

The race continues to... Dubois, Wyoming.

Detour... Pioneer spirit or native tradition. Build a wagon and drive it a quarter mile with horses... or build a tepee. The harder one seems like the wagon... which is what I'd suggest. As it turns out, the wagon is a piece of cake... but the tepee proves quite the challenge.

Find Wild Bill, dress in authentic wild west garb, and take your picture with him. Serves little purpose other than entertainment value, and to space out the teams to a nice even spacing.

Red Lodge Montana... on the golf course...
Roadblock... find 4 golf balls scattered throughout 9 holes of the course. Don't worry, you get the Cadillac of golf carts... wait, no, quite literally it's a **CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT** Buick golf cart. The Linz family is the first to tackle the roadblock, but get beat out by the Branson family when the Linz has to take a second lap because they didn't look in the hole.

And now they're off to the pit stop... where the last team to arrive "may" (read that as "definitely will") be eliminated. It's a foot race between the Branson and Linz family and the Branson family is team number one! "Buick is a great vehicle!" and as winners of this leg of the race you win... a larger version of the ** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT ** Buick whatchacallit sedan. Woo.

Welcome to Montana. "Linz Family, you're team number two!"

Weaver family comes in as team number 3.

Godlewski Family... is the last team to arrive and has been eliminated.

And going into the final leg, we'll see Branson, Linz, and Weaver racing for the finish line and the $1Million dollar grand prize. Note that at the beginning of the race, I predicted the Linz family to win it all... we'll see if my prophesy will come true.

But first the previews of the final episode and final leg of the race... they appear to be heading to Canada... and the highlight (at least for me) is that they're going CURLING! YES! This is the most excellent thing I've seen on the race yet! Very exciting! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to the Amazing Race 8!