Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To Big Sky Country... Leg 10 1/2

... when we previously left the race, half the teams had realized that they weren't done...

"Godlewski Family, you're the last team to arrive. However this leg is not over, and you're still in the race."

The race continues to... Dubois, Wyoming.

Detour... Pioneer spirit or native tradition. Build a wagon and drive it a quarter mile with horses... or build a tepee. The harder one seems like the wagon... which is what I'd suggest. As it turns out, the wagon is a piece of cake... but the tepee proves quite the challenge.

Find Wild Bill, dress in authentic wild west garb, and take your picture with him. Serves little purpose other than entertainment value, and to space out the teams to a nice even spacing.

Red Lodge Montana... on the golf course...
Roadblock... find 4 golf balls scattered throughout 9 holes of the course. Don't worry, you get the Cadillac of golf carts... wait, no, quite literally it's a **CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT** Buick golf cart. The Linz family is the first to tackle the roadblock, but get beat out by the Branson family when the Linz has to take a second lap because they didn't look in the hole.

And now they're off to the pit stop... where the last team to arrive "may" (read that as "definitely will") be eliminated. It's a foot race between the Branson and Linz family and the Branson family is team number one! "Buick is a great vehicle!" and as winners of this leg of the race you win... a larger version of the ** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT ** Buick whatchacallit sedan. Woo.

Welcome to Montana. "Linz Family, you're team number two!"

Weaver family comes in as team number 3.

Godlewski Family... is the last team to arrive and has been eliminated.

And going into the final leg, we'll see Branson, Linz, and Weaver racing for the finish line and the $1Million dollar grand prize. Note that at the beginning of the race, I predicted the Linz family to win it all... we'll see if my prophesy will come true.

But first the previews of the final episode and final leg of the race... they appear to be heading to Canada... and the highlight (at least for me) is that they're going CURLING! YES! This is the most excellent thing I've seen on the race yet! Very exciting! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to the Amazing Race 8!


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