Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What?! Home so soon? Leg 7

[Due to prior commitments, I missed this episode of the Amazing Race...
... fortunately, I'm pleased to inform you that this recap was not eliminated. :) Special guest blogger Andrew has graciously provided this leg's recap. Oddly enough, the impact of my previous entries seems all too apparent in his recap. Thanks, Andrew! ]

Recap of last week. "Gaghan Family, you have been eliminated"....and now, cue the opening sequence.

The Paolos, being the first to arrive, will be the first to leave the beaches of Costa Rica at 7:27am. Interesting time to begin a day... will the lead last? Especially with the Linz only one minute behind. And the Bransens one minute after that.

First challenge, swim to a bouy in the bay and retrieve the clue. Hmm.. it's the old dad vs the young guy vs the other old dad. And dad #1 (Paolo) is drowning and calls for rescue swimmers.
The Linz take the lead. Go to a church and find the altarboy.

Meanwhile, old dad #2 passes up old dad #1.

The three teams are heading for town to call a taxi. All three teams catchup to each other and the Paolo dad calls for three taxis in Spanish. Two and a half hours for the taxi ride. Enough time to see the final two teams swim out to the buoy...the Godlewski women and the Weaver family.

Rapido Rapido. Our favorite words from Amazing Race.

And the first three teams arrive at the church. Time for a detour... a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Brush or barrel?

Brush, paint a wheel for a cart and have it approved by an artisan. Barrel, unload harvested sugar cane (1ton) and transport it to the factory. Then, search amongst the barrels for the one with a clue inside. Hmm... the painting looks too intricate. But, one ton of sugar cane?!? That's a lot of sugar cubes. I suppose the painting sounds easier... less demanding, at least. So, following the rule of thumb, do the sugar cane.

The sugar is practically large twigs in a pile that need to be loaded onto a cart. It looks like that'll be quick.

The painting will definitely take forever. And three people take that task.

The barrel search of the sugar looks like giant wine cellar... similar to the wineries of the pacific northwest. And the Linz family, after wondering how to open a barrel, pull out a cork and find a clue on the first try. Fly to.......

Phoenix, Arizona?!? Well, they are certainly not going to many exotic places. It seems to be the early afternoon. Will there be any late flights for the teams? Or will everyone catch up to each other? The Linz seem to get a flight out to Atlanta and then to Phoenix. The Paolos arrive just too late. But, that all seems to be good because the other teams will be arriving 10 minutes before the Linz. Hmm.. should've checked all flights.

And while waiting for the plane, team Florida puts the Paolo boy in the corner. Why did you yield us? We should be friends or else we'll yield youthe next time. And after flying the lovely Taca Airlines, the Godlewskis discover they don't have tickets to Phoenix. What happened in that transaction? They have to take a taxi to Newark, but all's good. They'll arrive at the same time as the other groups. First, in fact.

And it's lovely Phoenix... "hotter than snot." I've spent a few too many hours at that airport. The Linz arrive last... but they get to their car before the Paolos. They're lost in the parking lot. hahaha I've heard of that happening before but it's usually during the hectic holiday shopping time of year.

A road block is a task that only one person can perform. One person has to drive a go-cart for 50 laps in the sweltering heat. Remember to pull in the pit after lap 25. This is the second racetrack event of the tour. Remember when they rode the bicycles around the track at Talladega? And how will the Weavers handle the drama of another racetrack? A little better than the bigger one.

After the race... drive yourself to the next pitstop.... Fort McDowell. An ancestral tribal land, where the last team to arrive, may be eliminated. First to finish... the Godlewskis. Can anyone in that family read a map or make a decision? Apparently not, as they are in the wrong spot.
Three teams arrive at once. Who will race to the carpet and be first? The Godlewskis... and what do they win? A trip for four to Belize from *sponser alert* Travelocity.... home of the famous travel gnome. Next up, the Weavers. Then, the Linz.

The Paolos arrive fourth, but they think their last... putting on all their clothes, the Bransens arrive. Hahaha.. this is pretty funny. Too bad they can't count to five. Now, they convince the Bransens to put on all their clothes when they arrive last. They've got winter coats on in the 110-degree desert. How crazy's that? Is it worth it???

Yes, it is not an elimination leg and they are offered a reprieve. But, they lose all their possessions and $$$. Plus, we are benefitted with a second episode. Yes, that's right. Someone will be eliminated tonight in the second hour!


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