Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Taming the Wild West - Leg 10

Recap from last week.

The Linz family is off at 12:46am. Others closely behind. And they're off to Park City High School, trailers in tow, to inflate hot air balloons for an adventure.

OK, the sob story from the Weaver family is getting really old really fast. And then distastefully taunting the teams that yielded them... doesn't do much to support the claims that they're all the sweet and innocent teams that don't deserve what they get. If you ask me, they're the ones full of... ehem...

HOT AIR balloons rise on the Utah horizon. Now all 4 teams are flying high, and down they go with their next clue. The weavers tumbling down the side of the hill, literally.

Off to the Heber Valley historic railroad.

DETOUR: Spike it or steam it. Spike it uses tools and spikes to build a railway track. Steam it fills buckets with coal and carries them up to fill a rail car. Hmmm... I think spike it actually seems easier, until you realize how you have to pound spikes with sledge hammers. Not so easy. The weavers choose to steam it, while the rest of them spike it. The Linz family leaves with a slim lead, and get a nice rest during a 150-mile drive to the Bonneville Salt Flats. But in shocking news, team Florida pulled ahead of the Godlewski's who now are comfortably in last place.

Find "Bear Lake rendever"... "rendezvous"... "beach". 400 miles back from where they came from. What a waste of time... at this point Phil is relaxing in his air-conditioned 5-star trailer... ahhhh... how festive.

And ONCE again, due to a production error, the Linz' car battery was drained. Last week it was the Godlewskis, this week the Linz family who have fallen to last place. This is starting to be a bit ironic that teams who are doing well get knocked back to last place. Once, an accident... twice, coincidence or conspiracy?

They all arrive, they all sleep, they all leave the next day. Spare the details.

ROADBLOCK: A special two-person roadblock. Ride on the horses to round up the cows and get them where they belong.

And off to Yellowstone and Old Faithful. On our trip through the greatest features of the West? Well... something like that. Once again, I'm quickly becoming uninspired by this episode. I watch the Amazing Race to see new and interesting places... I guess this tour of the inland western US doesn't thrill me too much. But I digress...

The Bransen and Weavers are off and running, the Godlewski's short behind... the Linz family bringing up the rear. Faithfully every 92 minutes they wait for the geyser eruption... part of the rules are that you have to wait and watch the eruption before you get your clue. That's gonna put the Bransen and Weavers on their way to the magic carpet. The Godlewskis and Linz will be in a neck-and-neck race to find Phil.

And one of the Linz brothers caught on to the obvious that I missed completely. The clue mentioned nothing of finding the pit stop... but simply to find Phil.

The race to Phil is on... the first two teams make it to Phil and it's "You're the first and second teams to arrive... but this leg is not over.. here's your next clue."

And the rest, as they say, will be continued next week.


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