Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On to the Beehive state... Leg 9

And now for the real race....

The Godlewski family is in first and off to Utah they go. Oh yes, we're driving there. And we're pulling a trailer behind the truck... of course. The producers have cut the budget so much that not only are we driving everywhere, but now we're going to live in our own trailer. This IS the American middle-class experience. Good times.

Two-lane roads through the middle of nowhere. And trying to make a U-turn with a trailer attached to the back of your truck. Some are overly cautious, but then quickly realize that you don't necessarily have to stay on the road.

Helicopters... please take a number. The clue box is way up at the top. What a superfluous adventure, the only thing it really serves to do is to space the teams out into relatively equal intervals. On second thought, that was probably the point all along.

Moab, Utah. Home of... yeah.... nothing.

DETOUR: Ride down... or Drop down. Ride a bike down a mountain, or repel down the side of a cliff. This one seems to break the mold... most detours are picking which is easier, but I think this is obviously either the faster scarier one, or the slower but less scary one. Everyone except the Weavers (Team Florida) seem to be repelling down the cliff. However, the Weavers still have a lock on 2nd place behind the Linz family.

"Due to a production error involving the camera equipment, the Godlewski's car battery was drained... they were provided a replacement vehicle, but have fallen into last place." I guess they assume any bad luck incurred on the race, but still, if they end up losing I'd certainly be complaining about that one.

Off to Green River State Park, where they'll be spending the night. Linz are first and will depart at 7am the next morning. Weavers are next, out at 7:15am. Bransen family is 3rd, out at 7:30am. And Godlewski last, departing at 7:45am. So it's a long night in the campers, which seem to be lacking of cameramen, but do have some cameras built-in for the television viewing convenience.

I'll take this moment while the teams are sleeping, to ponder one of the great questions of the race... are the Weavers (Team Florida) really deserving of all of the crap they're getting from the other teams, or is it, as they say, completely unjustified. The producers editing this show must have had a field day when they saw this, immediately they had something they could use throughout the entire show to enhance the drama. Ironically enough, in the same breath the Weavers talk about how everyone's being mean to them when they're being nothing but nice, and then they're making fun of the other teams and practically anything else they come across. My conclusion... sure it's edited to make it worse than it is, on both sides, but not without justification.

Morning has broken, we're back on the road. Time to go to River City, UT and find Bart. But who is Bart? Little do they know that Bart is a trained Grizzly Bear. Well, that wasn't as hard as expected, actually.

Off to Park City, UT home of the 2002 Olympic Games. With a caution, YIELD AHEAD. Well the Linz family is in first, one can only expect that the Weaver family will be yielded if the Linz family gets there first. Weaver family takes a "shortcut", but will it really help them out, or will they end up in last place? One can only wonder. Well it looks like the Weavers are going to be long behind most of the rest, but courtesy of the Linz family, they'll also be yielded once they arrive.

ROADBLOCK: jump off a ski jump into a pool of water. Easy yet slightly exhilirating. Not any real difficulty in this roadblock. It's looking like team Florida is going to be eliminated this week. Unless a miracle can occur in the remaining 10 minutes of the show.

Drive yourself to the next pit stop, the Salt Lake City Library. And now it's whether or not they can find it on time. Linz family, you're team number one... trip for four from ** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT** Travelocity to Jackson Hole, WY. Bransen's 2nd, Godlewski family 3rd. And all three teams have arrived... but I think the Weavers are still sitting at the yield. We'll watch their last bit of the race in virtual fast forward. Cue the sad music... "Weaver family, you're the last team to arrive... I'm pleased to tell you this is a non elimination leg!"

This is where I point out that when my friend Andrew and I were discussing this prior to the show, I suspected it would be a reprieve leg, but Andrew doubted me figuring that it would be 3 teams left then the reprieve. All I shall say is, HA! And that is all.

4 teams *still* remain... who will be eliminated next.


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