Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On the road again... leg 6

Back again for Leg 6 of the Amazing Race...

After a quick recap of last week's leg, we're off to Costa Rica. Here's your quick geography lesson... Costa Rica is a neighbor of Panama, so of course, instead of taking a plane, they'll take a bus. You'd think with all of these corporate sponsors the show seems to have, they'd have enough money to take a few planes instead of going "el cheapo" throughout Central America to save money.

The Godlewski women were spared elimination at the end of the last race, but are now completely broke and need to somehow find some money to take a taxi to the bus station. It must not have been too hard to beg for the money, considering how little TV time was dedicated to them doing that. And three buses are on their way to Costa Rica.

Once they arrive, the hardest part for some of them seems to be finding their vans they have waiting in a parking lot about 2 blocks from the bus station. Drama, drama, drama. BUT the real drama is how much everyone seems to despise the team from Florida who they will do everything they can to make sure they lose.

And true to Amazing Race form, all of the teams, despite their best efforts to stay in front, will pile up and get stuck at the same place at the same time. In this case, it's a national park at some volcano. But of course, it turns out they're there solely to pick up the next clue and head back to their vans to go 17 miles to the next stop.

"El righto or lefto?" Yeah, that's the ticket. Well they seem to have found it.

The first yield of AR8, and in a grandiose form, the Paolo family yields the Weaver family (a.k.a. Team Florida). When they arrive to find out they were yielded, they only demonstrate how much they deserved to be yielded. Negative attitudes, makes it quite easy to realize that a little nice may go a long way, but a lot of mean gets you what you dish out.

Roadblock. Reminiscent of the "find a needle in a haystack" roadblock of a few seasons past, this one will be to search for a single red bean among 800 lbs of coffee beans. Actually, this one turns out to be not incredibly difficult, at least for the most part. And all of the teams are gone and off to the next clue, while the Weavers are still waiting for the sands of time to fall so they can continue. But in a lucky turn of events, the Weavers' quick searching

Detour: Relic or Ripe ... find 4 relics in the forest, or heave 15 bushels of bananas onto a pulley system and take them to the processing plant. These actually seem pretty even, one complicated but not difficult, one strenuous, but relatively uncomplicated. Take your pick.

Off to the town of Quepos, and off to find the magic carpet on the beaches of the Pacific ocean. The last team to check in, may, and will, be eliminated. I have yet to see any season of Amazing Race where there were two reprieves in successive legs. Though that'd be an unexpected twist, for sure. If only I were one of the producers... I'll show you a twist.

Karma, Karma, Karma for the team from Florida. Now the rains have softened the grass they were parked on, and they're stuck. But in what I think was a bout of editing liberties by the producers, it probably wasn't nearly as dramatic as it seemed, as the Weaver team still remained firmly in penultimate place. The Gaghan family remains last off towards the pitstop.

"Paolo Family... You Are Team Number One!" For the second week running, they have retained first place. Un-memorable prizes for winning that leg of the race, I think they won like a Segway or a thing or other. Whatever. Certainly there was a corporate sponsor somewhere in there that I missed.

Oddly enough, the first 3 teams were neck-and-neck at the end, each arriving within a minute of the other, which should make an interesting start to the next leg. The Weaver family survived as team number 5. Cue the sad music... Gaghan family is the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. What a great family... absolutely great. Gaghan daughter Carissa, the youngest ever to compete in the Amazing Race, trying to hold back tears after a performance that far exceeded many previous competitors much older than she. It would have been nice to see them win. But until next week, 5 teams remain.


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