Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Leg 9? Or is it?

[In lieu of an actual leg of the Amazing Race this week, as it was scandalously preempted by the Country Music Awards on CBS, I've invented my own leg of the race, right here in my hometown of Seattle. Now, according to my research, Amazing Race 3 actually has its finish line here in Seattle at Gas Works Park. Reading the recap, I see that they made pretty lame attempts at infiltrating the tourist icons of the Emerald City... my mythical leg of the race will not be so bland.]

Back this week for another leg of the Amazing Race 8. Four families remain, who will be eliminated this week? And cue the opening credits...

We're in Lake Powell, AZ, the Godlewski family is first to depart. Drive to the airport and fly to... Seattle, Washington! And they're off.

The Godlewski family and the Linz family both make the last seats on the first flight to Seattle on *Corporate Sponsor Alert* Alaska Airlines. Team Florida and the Bransen family both make it on the next later flight, arriving an hour later.

Once they arrive, they must drive into downtown Seattle and find the world famous Pike Place Market. There, they must find the Pike Place Fish Market, home of the flying fish. There, they must find a man dressed up like Ivar Haglund, who will give them their next clue. The Godlewski women cleared their way out of the airport and make it to Seattle, but OOPS... they turned the wrong way up a one-way street and are quickly corrected by the Nordstrom's valet who points them back in the right direction.

The Weavers and the Bransen family have arrived and are hot on the trail... but the Weavers got on the wrong freeway and found themselves on the other side of Lake Washington from Seattle. "Where's the Pike Place Market?" "On that's over in Seattle." "What, this isn't Seattle." "No, this is Bellevue. Seattle is on the other side of the lake." Mass chaos ensues in Team Florida. Looking at the map they found, they realize that the lake is huge, and they have to go back where they came from to get to Seattle. So they drive back down by the airport to get on the right freeway. They fail to notice the floating bridges across the lake.

Meanwhile the Linz family slid into first and after a brief hunt, found Ivar with the next clue. Take a ferry from the waterfront to Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey Island. Search for the clue box to find your next clue. The Bransen family has caught up, and all three teams (except the Weavers) are on the same ferry to the island, just as night falls on the water. The Weavers just finally make it to the market.

All three teams rush to drive out to the park, but find that the park is closed until morning. As is always in the Amazing Race... all of the teams catch up and it's a new fight to the finish on the second day.

As the sun rises over Fort Casey, Phil provides a bit of history. Fort Casey was one of three forts situated at the entrance to Puget Sound. Built by the Navy in the early 1900's to guard against ships threatening the Puget Sound cities, Fort Casey was an integral part of the US defense during World War I.

All four teams are now tied as they make their way into the park and find the clue box.

ROADBLOCK! One member from each team must search the entire fort to find a small, specially marked cannonball and bring it to the park ranger to receive their next clue. And they're off... hunting everywhere. One of the Bransen daughters finds one first and brings it back to get their next clue.

Drive back to Seattle and find Husky Stadium on the shores of Lake Washington. Once there, go down to the field and lead the University of Washington Marching Band in the song Tequila, and the band will spell out the location of your next clue.

The Bransens are off... just as the Linz family finds a cannonball and gets their clue. Team Florida finds one too. The Godlewskis are getting frustrated with how hard it is to find one, and are currently in last place, the only team remaining at the fort.

After a little time, the Bransens are first to arrive at Husky Stadium to find the band on the field. The Bransen dad climbs up on the ladder and waves his arms to start the band playing. As the band forms the letters, they quickly realize that they can't tell what it is from the ground. The daughters run up the stands to look down onto the field. They see the letters "52 VV 8". They are momentarily confused, then look at the marking in the stadium bleachers. Section 52 way up in the upper deck, and off they go up the very steep grade of the stadium bleachers. Row VV, seat 8. Under the seat they find their next clue.

By now the Linz family has arrived, and they race up to where the Bransens just found a clue. But surprise! No more clues?! What happened? They go down and conduct the band, who spell out a different location "43 J 12". They are off to the other side of the stadium trying to find their clue.

"Proceed to the next pit stop. Go to the Smith Tower and proceed to the Chinese Room on the 35th Floor. Warning... the last team to arrive may be eliminated."

Bransen and Linz are off and moving, the Weavers are making their way through Husky Stadium, but can't figure out the clue that the band showed them: "7 G 13". They are looking in section 13 but can't find it for the life of them. Meanwhile the Godlewskis find their clue quickly and are off leaving the Weavers to yell at each other on their own. They finally figure it out...

"Bransen family... you're team number one!" And the prize for this leg of the race? A lifetime supply of *Corporate Sponsor Alert* Starbucks Coffee, valued at approximately $10,000. Yeah, that sounds about right... are you sure it's only $10,000 though?
Linz family comes in second with plenty of room. But who will be last...

The Weavers make it into the Smith Tower and into the elevators. The historic Smith Tower elevator operator starts them on their journey. Just as the Godlewski women come running into the tower and grab and elevator. What happens? WHAT?!?! The Godlewski family made it to the top first! They must have had a faster elevator (or a nicer operator).

"Weaver family... you're the last team to arrive... ... I'm sorry to inform you that you've... wait... just kidding... this is a non-elimination leg!"

And so it goes... the mysterious leg of the Amazing Race 8. We now return you to your regularly schedule programming.


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