Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Grand Canyon? Dam. - Leg 8

[I actually made it home in time to watch this second episode of the double-header, but Andrew had already sent me his excellent recap, so I took the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the show. Woot!]

After a recap of the previous hours results.... what's up with that? Showing us what we just saw?...the teams leave at 11:30ish PM to Mesa, AZ. I'm sure everyone will catch up at the combat airport. The Bransens head to the casino to win some BIG BUCKS...well, to get any money they can. In case you forgot what happened ten minutes ago, they were the last team to arrive,but received no money at the beginning of this leg. That's great, i bet they came out with more money than was given the other four teams.

Talk about a mix up amongst the first three teams. First arrives third and the other two move up one spot. Take a number at the door and wait. Timefor a roadblock. Take off on a fighter plane and take control of the plane and perform a 360 loop. Well, doesn't that sound exciting!! Actually, a bit scary if you ask me, but I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

Only three teams get to go at a time, so the Bransens and Paolos are left watching the other three teams get a larger lead. First, they must do some maneuvers which look like the plane is going to stall and plummet to the earth. Then, around they go. 360 loop and land. Get the next clue....Drive 200+ miles to the Grand Canyon.

Back in the planes, Paolo boy messes up his loop. Too many g's means try again. But the Bransen girl started turning to the left. Both complete the task on their second attempts. To the Canyon we go!

Team Florida arrives to the Canyon gatehouse first and ask the ranger to give a long history lesson to the Linz behind them. That ploy didn't work. Find a dam to get the next clue. The Weaver's have gotta go... literally...they need to find a restroom. Now, the detour.

Find a series of cards using a compass... or remove water from a submerged boat and carry it to shore. Now, what sounds easy here? Obviously it's the compass using, so go with the bailing of the boat, right? I'm not so sure.. Using the compass and letting a speed boat take you to where you need to go seems pretty fast. Plus, the sunken boats are not to be seen anywhere.

Now, for some drama, the Paolos are lost. They went the wrong way. Oops. Sucks to be them.

OK.. OK... so i was wrong about the tasks. Joe knows what he's talking about when he says harder is easier. The boat bailing was much faster. Woot! Time for the pitstop. Find a boathouse in the middle of a lake. Now it's the time to hurry to be not only first, but the winners of an awesome prize by a corporate sponsor. Will it be money? Will it be a trip? Or how about free gas for life? Now that was the best prize ever offered, if you ask me.

Four teams finished with the detour before the Paolos begin. Unless someone gets lost on the way to the lake, they're done for. No amount of clothes can save them this time. Now, the mom usually doesn't have the brightest ideas, but i do believe that she is correct... turning the boat upside-down will make the boat lighter when it loses all that water weight. I do believe i saw two other teams do that very thing.

The Linz got the slow boat. Perhaps if they followed the marked path they would've arrived first. But they get there second. Behind the Godlewskis. As the winners, they receive a travel trailer. Umm.. that's not so exciting, but i'll take a prize anyday of the week. The Weavers are third. And we've got another slow boat. The Bransens got the slow boat. But they manage to overcome that and finish fourth.

"Paolo family, you're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you, you have been eliminated from the race." That's funny. The one time they aren't yelling at each other is when they're eliminated. But, since they've got to go... they will be dubbed "The Family that yelled at each other too much" Well, there goes the high drama from the race.


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