Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Big Rockets to the Big Easy - Leg 4

Coming to you this week in HDTV... it's leg 4 of the Amazing Race 8!

Kicking off this leg of the race from Huntsville, Alabama. And since everyone arrived late at night, this time it's time for a daytime start.

And we're finding... the largest office chair in the world. Wow... that's uh... interesting. We're crusing down the freeway past Birmingham (and waving to my friend Andrew on the way through). Climbing the chair to get the clue... and off to Talladega, AL.

One lap around the 2.6-mile Talladega racetrack on a party bike and the task is complete. Not hard, pretty entertaining. Cue the drama. The Weaver family (mother and three kids) 's father was killed in a racing accident. Upon learning they will need to actually go onto a racetrack to complete the challenge, they are none-to-pleased. But the show must go on, and racing they will do.

Continuing the short-hop race we're off to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to find the Southern Colonel. Now, let's cut to Regis Philbin:

For $1,000,000, what is the Southern Colonel?

a) A fried chicken restaurant
b) A Civil War museum
c) A 60' tall statue of Colonel Sanders
d) A trailer park

And the answer is... D! A trailer... oh, sorry, Mobile Home park.

So the challenge... look through a bunch of mobile homes for departure times of 7:20, 7:40, or 8:00, after which they will stay there for the night. This isn't complicated... but as usual, it's a matter of finding the time that you want. One girl is getting really worked up by the fact that her family took an 8:00 time without looking hard enough for a better one. I'd actually have to agree with this... logically, if you know the last time is 8:00, and assume that nobody will be left without a time, if you find an 8:00, you could easily keep looking for a better time, and if you don't find one, you're at least guaranteed to be able to get an 8:00 time. So you couldn't do much worse. But here we go.

It's morning, time to go drive to Richland, MS and find a... *** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT *** BP gas station, and a guy named Les, to find their next clue. And now they're off to the "Pelican State"... which is none other than Louisiana.

Madisonville, LA. On the Great American Roadtrip. And finally, this week's Detour: Work or Play. Work will be to saw logs... play will be to canoe over to a riverboat and play blackjack. This one, play seems to be the easier option... but of course, the element of luck is never to be underestimated. So based on my continuing mantra.. you should saw the logs. And the result is... that the log sawing was definitely the better of the two tasks to complete.

Time to drive across the longest bridge in the country across Lake Pontchartrain to the city of New Orleans. First a disclaimer I omitted from the beginning of the episode, this is all tape a few weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina. Lucky timing if I've ever seen it. Find Preservation Hall in the French Quarter... and the next pit stop.

"Bransen Family... You're Team Number One!" For the second week in a row, the Bransen family has achieved first place. To go along with their lifetime supply of gas from *** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT *** BP and ARCO... they will this week get a week-long vacation to *** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT *** Universal Studios Orlando, courtesy of *** CORPORATE SPONSOR ALERT *** Travelocity.

And the Schroder family is the last team to arrive. With the daughter who insisted that the race is won or lost by a single minute... and thus is was. And thus the Schroder family should have listened to the daughter who boldly embodied the phrase "slow and steady wins the race", and shall be known as "The Hare Family".


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